1:1 Coaching

Your health is priceless. So is your time. I want you to have more of both.

I teach people how to overcome obstacles to transform their lives to optimize their health, energy, and balance.

You can email me for more information (info@thrivearena.com) and with any additional questions.

I believe that you are not only capable of change but can sustain it long term.

I provide a free consult call (worth $500) to determine if we would be a good fit for each other and to talk more about your specific mind and body goals.

Coaching is an investment in yourself.

I know you are capable of being where you want to be in your life and I will teach you how to become who you want to be to get you there.

More details

Coaching includes:

  • 60 minute intake consultation call
  • Personalized attention
  • Daily access to me for questions & concerns
  • Weekly review of progress
  • Weekly video or phone coaching (6 or 12 month packages)
  • Worksheets to assist you in focused goal-setting and tracking if desired

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