About Me

I love being outdoors!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth (Liz) Rook.

I absolutely love helping people live their best lives!

By day, I am a rheumatologist. I counsel my patients extensively on lifestyle and its effect on their health, longevity and disease. Nothing brings me greater joy than to assist my patients in improving their health, mobility, stamina, and quality of life.

I’m also an athlete. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, now I participate in CrossFit and enjoy hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and being outdoors. I live with my gorgeous husband on the Western Slope of Colorado.

The Thrive Arena was born out of my passion for helping people live their best lives. I love getting to know people and feel honored to be able to help them on their journey.

My interest in nutrition and weight loss grew out of my personal desire to optimize my health around 8 years ago, when I had finished my medical training. I realized that I wanted to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit and practice what I preached. I know that I feel better and can function better with consistent exercise, quality sleep, stress reduction, and a balanced diet. I know, through my experiences, that improving mindset and habits with food and emotional eating and getting over the mind drama is the key to finding your healthiest self.

I am certified through Precision Nutrition and I previously coached for both BITE Nutrition and Eat To Perform. I’ve been studying mindset theory and behavior change for my personal and professional benefit for over 5 years. I have been coaching clients to health and body goals for 6 years so I have thousands of hours of experience, both 1:1 and in a group setting teaching, coaching, and assisting in transformations.

I’m STOKED to be here and sharing with you!! I know that you can change your life and live your dreams – because I have lived it!! I also know that having a coach by your side will get you to your goals faster and it is WAY more fun than attempting them alone.

I  know how you may be feeling. I’ve felt stuck before. I’ve felt helpless. I’ve felt out of control watching myself eat things that I had told myself that I would not indulge in. I am forever grateful to the people who have helped me along my journey, believed in me when I had trouble seeing my goals in the future, and who allowed me the space to grow into who I have become.

I am energetic, passionate, and ready to help you transform YOUR life! Thank you for reading! Have a fantastic day.

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