Adulting kills

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult, mostly because I thought I’d be able to choose for myself, adults were mature and rational and had control (ha, ha, right?).

All the things I didn’t have as a wee kiddo.

Then I grew up.

Man, I can adult like nobody’s business.

I love being organized, and efficient and in control.

Though, mostly I was attempting to control everything around me as a way to try to feel better.

As a side effect of trying to control everything around me, I could avoid the actual things I COULD control because those were more vulnerable, personal and raw.

Like my overeating and weight gain.

Like my defensiveness and distrust.

Like my sarcasm and interactions with others.

Over time, as we do, I softened, matured and ripened. Like a piece of fruit, I came into my own.

As I turned 40, I picked my head up and realized that I was not feeling empowered.

I was successfully adulting but not happy.

I was actually worried most of the time, felt like my mind was always reaching and scared I was missing THE THING I couldn’t afford to miss, and I felt tired, drained and depleted.

I was fighting myself. And losing, daily.

Then I stumbled upon life coaching. Previously I had made fun of coaching. I poo-pooed it. I didn’t understand what it really was.

Then I tried it, I took a chance, and I invested in myself.

Because I couldn’t go on as I was. I was miserable and struggling.

And getting coached blew my world wide open. I learned how to be kind to myself. To stop criticizing and judging myself (and in turn, others).

And it allowed me to love myself to weight loss, to encourage myself with kindness, to approach the challenges in life with a fresh, growth perspective.

I fully endorse causal coaching – where you get to explore (at your own pace) where and IF you want to change. It’s all in your control, coaching gives you that control back and is a safe space to be fully you. This is the way I coach my clients.

Anything we dislike in someone else is a mirror into our own inner world.

With coaching, I saw the possibility for my life.

And a new way to approach health, both for myself and my patients. And when I started nutrition coaching, for my clients there as well.

This new, improved version of adulting that I do now as a result?

I own my habits and my choices.

I love absolutely everything I eat (hell no, rice cakes, hello ice cream), I feel profoundly grateful and alive each and every day.

2+ years ago, life coaching profoundly changed the way I see and interact with the world, and myself. And I’m so so glad. And now I share the tools that I learned with my clients because I think we all can benefit from more inner peace and love and happiness.

Adulting can be satisfying at best and tedious at worst.

I fully endorse taking back your control, making your choices intentionally. Growing into the next version of you – the one who chooses intentionally to be healthier, deal with stress and discomfort head on and to LET GO of all the things we can’t control (which is most things).

I recommend it in the name of your health.

We all know that stress kills. It causes physical and mental pain and disease. It costs us time, energy and money. And worst of all, it strains our life and hides the beautiful things that we could be focusing on and seeing and experiencing every day.

There is a better way, a kinder, healthier and more loving way to live life.

I want to invite you to grow with us in the Healthy Happy Women group on FB. Join today and start March off with something new, something fresh, something fun.

We’re focusing on intentions this next month and we’ll be working on setting and smashing our health goals.

Hey there! Let’s stay in touch.

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