Anxiety and Overeating

So I just discussed anxiety earlier this week. You may be asking, what does it have to do with nutrition, weight loss, and over eating?

If you’ve read my past blogs, you know that a lot of us eat to distract ourselves or avoid feeling and processing our emotions.

In this respect, anxiety is no different.

When we experience anxiety, we often have a physical sense of unease or feeling jittery.

What is the easiest way to sooth and then satisfy ourselves?

We seek a temporary calming dopamine response, and one of the quickest and easiest ways to get this is to eat something.

Our brain then learns to associate food with self-care. I’m sure you can see where this feedback cycle can go off the rails and cause us to overeat on a regular basis.

I often have the sensation of fluttering in my stomach when I feel anxious. Over the years, I learned by habit to associate any sensation in my stomach with wanting to eat. Eating something always tended to make this sensation go away, or so I thought. Until I began to separate my hunger sensation from my other stomach sensations, it never even occurred to me that I could be overeating because I confused every stomach gurgle with being hungry! If this resonates with you – let me know, I can definitely help you!

It can be difficult to delve into the thoughts and feelings behind why we tend to overeat and what our choices are when we do eat, this is where coaching and guidance can come in.

If you are having anxiety that is keeping you from doing your daily activities or interfering greatly with your life, it is always best to seek a medical evaluation to make sure there are no underlying diagnoses contributing to these symptoms. In that situation, coaching can be safely used in conjunction with medical guidance and support.

For the rest of us who have developed a pattern of eating to sooth ourselves and decrease our anxiety or other uncomfortable emotions, working with a coach who is knowledgeable and experienced can help overcome this pattern in order to lose weight, develop body confidence and to develop healthy long-term habits in your life.

As we discussed last week, learning to sit with discomfort and our willing to be uncomfortable in the short-term so that we can grow is key to evolving our habits to become healthier long-term.

You can work through this on your own but likely it will take longer as iis more difficult for us to observe our own thoughts and see the sneaky thoughts that come in to sabotage us.

Having an outside perspective helps us grow faster and more efficiently. Time is value, and if you’re like me, time is the one of the most precious commodities in your life.

Email me at to get more details on how you can solve your issues overeating due to anxiety. I would be honored to assist you on your journey whenever you’re ready.

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