Apples… to Oranges?

Have you ever tried to turn an apple into an orange?

It doesn’t work, right?

But we’re constantly trying to change other people, situations, and a million other things that we have absolutely no control over.

Just like trying to make one piece of fruit to become another.

Just like other people want you to change.

They tell you you’ll be happier when you stop worrying all the time.

You’ll feel better when you start eating kale and stop eating fries every day.

You’re over here being a banana and they want you to become a pineapple.

What the hell? Don’t they know how awesome you are in a banana split?!!

It doesn’t feel good to not be loved or appreciated for who you ARE. Especially when you’re judging yourself & thinking something’s now wrong with you because you’re a banana instead of a pineapple.

Yet we get all stressed out over it.

And we react to it.

And over the holidays, when the perfect storm of family, work, friends, kids, pets and expectations blend together… you get a stress smoothie. With an apple. And a banana.

I teach my clients to see who they are and love themselves to become the ripest, proudest bananas and apples.

The most delicious, beautiful fruit ever.

Because that’s inside you, right now.

You don’t have to change.

You are perfect as is. Totally worthy of any smoothie.

If you’re looking to find your juiciest fruits and let go of that fruit envy and FOMO to be the healthiest version of you – don’t go through the holidays not loving every minute.

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