Bossy Pants

Do you ever feel like there’s a gang of bossy voices in your head… but their intent is to sabotage you?

Mine were loud yesterday.

They chanted “you deserve a treat”

They whispered “you’ve done so much… it’s time to relax”

They cajoled “you’re doing your best, why not”

They wanted relief.

They started getting loud.

They wanted food.

I heard them yelling toward the end of my 12 hour day.

I wanted to quiet them, to soothe them, to believe them.

I know, however, who and what they are.

They are me. My old thoughts. They’re part of me. I used to attempted to evict them, to ignore them, to squash them. Because they’re uncomfortable, they’re a part of me that I hide, deny and try to bury.

They’re my insecurities, my doubts, my pain. They come up when I’m tired, stressed or distracted.

When I used to ignore them until they screamed, I would give in to them.

I would stuff myself full of food to silence them.

I would eat exactly whatever was NOT what I planned because that part of me threw a tantrum.

Now? I acknowledge them. I listen to them, I ask why they’re yelling. What part of me am I ignoring, squashing and denying.

Then I love on i them I treat them like a small child who’s upset… I hug lovingly, i listen openly, and reassure acceptingly.

Then I eat what I have planned.

This is what emotional eating looks like.

You can learn to balance yourself, make friends with your feelings and eat to nourish and enjoy life while loving all of you.

Health is acceptance. Health is loving. You have health inside you. Let it out to play.

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