Time – is it on your side?

Have you ever been curious about where time goes?

I know sometimes I have my head down, just trying to “get through” whatever it is I’m doing so I can move forward and focus on the next task afterwards.

This basically sucks the joy out of my life.

Work, home, work, home, etc.

Where’s the fun?

Once I decided to be curious about how I could incorporate more joy into my life, more fun into my day, and more presence into my activities my life bloomed.

Being fully present, focused, and constrained this year has had its challenges, thanks 2020 for throwing it ALL at me, lol.

I have found that practicing presence with each activity and only doing 1 thing a a time actually has made me more productive, has freed up more time, energy, and space in my life.

It was like a puzzle and once I had that piece – the whole picture became visible.

I’ve learned that when you head is down and you’re focused only on what is immediately in front of you, you miss the view.

When you don’t stop to smell the flowers along your run, you miss out on nature’s beauty. When you aren’t fully listening to your spouse, you miss that chance to deepen intimacy. When you are focused on getting through meals and homework with your kids, you miss the chance to connect and appreciate them as a person.

When you are thinking about how you’re going to “survive” this next work week, you time with your family, your trips to bring the kids to and from school or daycare, and you’re only focused on what you’re missing out on – you miss what you DO have. I suggest getting curious.

Ask yourself some questions:
☀️ why am I doing this thing RIGHT NOW?
☀️ Am I fully present, engaged, and focused on what I’m doing or am I letting my brain run unsupervised while I think about the 10 things I need to get done today or what I’m not going to get to or, or, or?

Most of the time when we’re not being intentional and conscious of our brain, we get bogged down with overwhelm, doubt, confusion and it’s a total drag.

If you’re not loving your day-to-day life, get curious. Ask why. Ask what your ideal day looks like and ask yourself what you could do to move closer to that vision. One small step at a time. Pick your head up and look around. ☀️

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Give Yourself More

Georgie Fear has had my heart since I read “Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss” (if you haven’t read it and are struggling to know where to start a healthier food journey, I highly recommend it). 

 Now with her newest book, “Give Yourself More”, a joint project with K. Aleisha Fetters, I’ve fallen in love a little more, both personally and as a physician and health & mindset coach. Georgie and Aleisha write from the heart while also providing scientific support for WHY adding MORE to our lives as girls and women makes our lives fuller, better, and healthier. 

instead of shrinking and trying to create less in our never ending quest for greatness and perfection, adding MORE is the key to a balanced, emotionally full and whole life – that includes moving for FUN, processing our emotions in a healthy way, and eating to fuel our bodies. 

This book is a thoughtful, well researched step-by-step guide for those seeking to achieve the NEXT level of their health and wellness. Multiple topics are covered in depth – paying special attention to embracing the power of our minds and creating a health-focused mindset that allows for MORE in our lives – more joy, more fun, more space in opposition diet culture which demands we eat less, feel less, be less. There are in-book quizzes, questions and examples of how to create MORE of what you love in your life as you learn how to enjoy your food, move your body in a way that supports your health and add more fun to your life. 

Run, don’t walk to get this book, and then join Georgie’s free Facebook community with the same name.

Lying and the spotlight

What’s holding you back from hitting your health goals?

If you’re like me, it was LYING to myself for years.

Thinking “I might be able to lose weight, if…”

Saying “yes, I want to lose weight, but…”

Starting over every Monday, every month, setting the same tired New Year’s goal and weight goal EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

I listened to the people who told me to love myself in that moment. I listened but didn’t understand.

I feel like someone turned a giant spotlight on me about 18 months ago. And showed me ALL the ways I was failing myself ahead of time but giving up BEFORE I tried.

All it took was one small thing. Done consistently. And now I’m rocking my goals and setting new bigger ones that, honestly, take my breath away when I stop to think about them.

I KNOW you can be healthier. I KNOW you can achieve your goals. I KNOW you can stop overeating. I know this because I’ve been you. I understand you. I feel you. I can help you.

Let me drop another bomb – “someday” will NEVER come. Today is the day to move forward – you NEED to work with me when you’re ready to believe it’s possible for you!!

Let’s DO THIS. You CAN do this. Contact me to get started.



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Tidying Up

Every time I sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors in our house, I find other tiny particles of dust, dirt and or dog hair within 5 minutes of being done cleaning.

It drives me nuts. It’s a never ending fact of life. We clean, things get dirty again. 😝

As I was cleaning yesterday, I realized the floor is just like our minds.

Once we get in the habit of being aware of our thoughts, the next step is to be curious about them and tidy up our minds so that our thoughts, beliefs and ideas are in line with our values and our goals. The mind, however, likes to be efficient, so if there’s a pattern of unhelpful thoughts (anxious, negative, doubtful) they need to be swept up, just like dirt on the floor.

This, as well, is an unending process. And it requires more frequent attention at first (like a house that’s never been cleaned), but, just like a room that’s cleaned regularly, it takes less time and effort if you keep it up regularly.

So, if you want crave less stress, more joy, a habit of focus or productivity, start cleaning up your thoughts and beliefs.

A clean mind gets you weight loss, health, organization, time management and balance.

Have a lovely Monday my friends!



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S’mores and crankiness 101

Feeling uncomfortable is… freaking uncomfortable! 😝

We went camping this weekend. It was a new adventure for us. We planned and executed this idea. My husband was ecstatic. I haven’t camped since I was a kid.

We made a list. We packed. We ended up forgetting our pillows because they weren’t by the front door. 🤷‍♀️ We laughed. It happens.

Then we started setting up camp. It was awkward. It was unfamiliar. I think we’ve all had that experience where something is brand new. And going through the process (in this case unpacking and setting camp up) was unfamiliar. And strange. And it’s easy to let the discomfort of this overwhelm you (I did).

And make you cranky. And want to give up. That’s how I felt after my 18th trip through each side of the car looking for 1 thing. Then repeating. Over and over.

This time though…I was consciously aware of the discomfort. And I breathed through it (not perfectly mind you…I felt a tantrum coming on… and luckily my chillaxed hubby talked me down). 🤪

And although I was uncomfortable, I also was excited.

I had two opposite feelings coexisting. And I was aware of both. Plus I felt anxious.

The point? Learning new things is uncomfortable. There will be awkwardness. The key to mastery and experience is allowing that obstacle of awkward discomfort and not letting it stop you.

Allow it, expect it, feel it, that’s how you know you’re doing it right and growing.

We had a fantastic time. S’mores and all.

I can’t wait for the next camping adventure.

You can do this with anything you want to try.

Be bold.

Try something new.

Move through that discomfort and see if you can watch your progress.

It’s amazing. 🤗



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Change is always a little scary. So how do we change when we feel that paralyzing fear and worry and then god-forbid we start making changes and our brain kicks in… and OMG, the overwhelming anxiety and what if’s creep in…

The question is:


Fear and doubt and worry hold so many people back; no doubt you’ve considered doing something* and held back out of fear.

*Examples include leaving or taking a job, going on a date, meeting a new person, trying a new sport, lifting a heavier weight, ending a toxic relationship, etc

Consider that fear is your brain’s natural response to ANYTHING new or different. Our brains are trained to seek pleasure, avoid pain and be efficient. Our brain always has our back to protect us from that evolutionary threat… the dangerous animal outside our cave. Now that we’ve evolved? It’s still working all the time, but only has time to flex when we want to do something that most likely ISN’T going to kill us (daredevils, I’m excluding you).

I know there are definitely things you wanted in the past and pushed through the discomfort of fear and the unknown to experience, like a new relationship, job, school, haircut or sport.

We all have, our else we’d never grow or change. 

Doing new things may always be slightly scary. If you are willing to accept this and still move forward, you can create whatever you desire in your life. 

THIS one skill is the key to freedom from the “what ifs”:

✅ Picture what you want to do

✅ Create a plan that makes it possible

✅ Expect and allow the discomfort and fear and anxiety about trying something new and different (thanks brain!)

✅ Execute plan then evaluate and adjust it as needed until goal accomplished

✅ Repeat as needed

We always think we need to feel comfortable and competent and motivated to take action toward a new goal but all of these emotions come from how we frame what we want – we actually create these emotions with our thoughts and beliefs about our idea. 

You can allow your fear and accept it and move through that discomfort to achieve new things. You’ve done it before – you can do it again. So get out there and do it! 

I believe in you. ❤️

Have a beautiful day my friend.

Look over your LEFT shoulder to see your future

Our human brains tend to either look back or look ahead constantly.

I know I used to be constantly hoping, wishing and planning for the future.

Are you living in your future or your past?

The only way your past affects you is how you choose to think about it right now. It’s the same with the future.

ONE small shift in perspective from future or past to present focused will make all the difference when you want to change your life.

Are you focusing on the future while living in the now?

Or are you worrying about a future that may never come, or fretting about a past that you can’t change, except in your perspective?

Learning from your past while applying that knowledge to your future helps you grow and create as you go through your days.

It’s a very cool way to live. You’re always learning and moving forward. Never being stuck, unless you’re choosing to pause while learning or going deeper into your why.

I love feeling alive at any given moment. Feeling empowered. Tingly, excited. Energetic. I highly recommend it!

Have a fantastic weekend my friends.



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Even cows get curious

Your adrenal glands are on vacation?

Have you been diagnosed with or self-diagnosed with adrenal fatigue? Do you know that it’s a made-up diagnosis? That it doesn’t exist? And if you were diagnosed with it, you’re actually being treated with COMMON SENSE?
I wish I was kidding. If your adrenal glands weren’t producing enough steroid – you’d be dead or in a coma. If you hackles are coming up – either you’re making a profit off this “diagnosis” or you’re resisting the circumstance that this is a “lifestyle” diagnosis – your LIFESTYLE is causing you stress and it’s wearing you DOWN because you’ve been IGNORING your body. This is the opposite of thriving in life. 
If you’re feeling worn down, tired, stressed out (likely you were stressing your body and brain, right?), and just generally gross – guess what – you weren’t taking care of your body and it’s SCREAMING AT YOU TO SLOW DOWN. Overeating? Overexercising? Overworking? Overthinking?
And how is this “adrenal fatigue” entity treated? Whole food nutrition (who would have thunk – fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole food starches, healthy fats), sleep, REST/meditation, hydration, and vitamins to support all of the above? What? And you may be paying for some supplement that your healthcare provider sold you for cash, right? Because it’s going to “support” your adrenal glands (that were functioning just fine previously thank you very much).
There are few things that get me this riled up. But this “diagnosis” really butters my biscuits. I see patients EVERY DAY that are worn down, tired, stressed, and feel like poop. And guess what – this stress can affect your body, it can be a contributing factor to autoimmune disease. Where your own immune system starts attacking YOU. And then they end up in my office. Sometimes with disease, sometimes (luckily) not. And let me be clear – the autoimmune diseases that I see have a multitude of causes, stress is just one of them. I would never wish any of these diseases on anyone.

When you have symptoms of fatigue and stress and you feel worn out, most likely you are not listening to what your body needs. It likely isn’t your fault either. In our fast-paced world, moving slowly, methodically and taking care of yourself can seem selfish, useless, or wasteful. If you knew that your lifestyle could shorten your life or cause you a chronic disease – would you change it now? Before it’s too late?

For your own health – I implore you… SLOW DOWN. Listen to your body. Trust it, for once. It’s trying to tell you something. Maybe you need sleep, maybe you need a vacation, maybe you need to feed it better quality foods, maybe you just need to stop. Breathe in and out. Stop running away from yourself.

Your brain is likely constantly racing, constantly searching, always on go mode. Sound familiar?

However you decide to choose to thrive and improve your life – realize that it is YOUR choice. Whatever you decide to call your stress — you have the power to improve it. This starts and ends with you. And I can tell you that I want you to take care of yourself. We all take our health for granted. Until we wake up and it’s gone.

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to thrive.

Round and Round we go… with our food on vacation

Happy May Day!

What do you change about your eating when you’re on vacation or traveling? Do you ever stop to ask WHY you change stuff?

It’s normal to adjust slightly as you usually don’t have access to all the same foods you have at home, or you may be on a slightly different eating schedule.

This doesn’t mean that you use it as an excuse to say “f it” and go balls out into the foods you’re avoiding or restricting that you didn’t even realize you weren’t allowing yourself. When you’re not restricting or avoiding foods regularly – you don’t have to “be naughty” and eat them when you’re “free” from your normal routine.

Still following me? Okay, so, this goes back to… yup, your thinking.

What do you think when you think about traveling for work or going on vacation? Freedom, escaping…insert your own thoughts here.

I used to plan what I was GOING TO EAT (all the things basically) when I went on vacation.

I used to make excuses why I “had” to eat the muffins at conferences.

Then I would lament that I had gained a bunch of weight!

Round and round I went. My husband used to just shake his head.

Does this sound familiar?

We stand in our own way – we tell ourselves that because of this travel, this work trip, this vacation, this death in the family, all of these circumstances are causing our overeating. Contributing to our inability to lose weight.


It begins and ends WITH YOU.

You always have the choice to eat for your goals.

Whether you’re traveling, whether you’re on vacation, whether you have an off-day, are stuck at home (or at work) during a pandemic, whether you travel for work regularly.

It all comes back to you (wherever you go, there you are, right?).

This is something we love to avoid thinking about (cuz growth ain’t always easy).

If this resonates with you – I want to invite you to schedule a call with me to discuss your goals and where you want to be in your life and how you can make that happen.

You can have the life you want – without restricting, without avoiding all of your favorite foods, without that blame-shame-guilt cycle so many of us know intimately.

You can do this. You deserve to thrive.



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Living and Learning and Moving and Grooving

Learning feels good most of the time, right?

I love to learn (I ought to, I have spent half my life learning).

It feels good to know, to be intrigued, to be curious. It also makes us feel like we’re doing something.

Which, we are, unless we’re learning and reading and consuming information about something (like weight loss or changing a habit) that eventually requires us to take action. C’mon, if you’ve been reading, you knew where I was going.

We need to take what we have learned, interpret it for ourselves and then apply it to our lives. Wah, wah, wah…

This is a big place where I see people get stuck (don’t worry, it takes one to know one, I’ve spent plenty of time in stuck-city myself).

It’s so easy to get stuck in the consuming phase.

The reading, learning, gathering information phase.

All under the guise of “learning”.

But at some point, we have to take that first step to applying all of it. And I can tell ya, no amount of learning is going to outweigh the learning of real life experience.

I was thinking about this while running earlier today.

I spent years consuming and learning information, about self-help, about weight loss, about life.

But it was so cozy there, and it felt so productive to keep reading and learning. Like wrapping myself up in a blanket of knowledge.

Then I had that “awww crap” moment (most likely from one of those learning tools). I actually had to do something. Nothing would change if I didn’t take any action.

And it scared the crap out of me. The unknown? To actually take action? Oh geez. Yeah, those warm and fuzzy “this is easy” books left that part out. Dang it. 

So I started to take action. Again and again.

And some lessons I had to learn the hard way (by doing), multiple times.

There is a saying that you will continue to be presented with situations, challenges, etc in your life until you learn the lesson that you need to continue to move forward.

Well let me tell you – this was very true on my food journey. I was a champion of overeating. And stuffing myself until my stomach hurt. Of feeding an upset stomach (with carbs and sugary baked goods or ice cream or whatever sounded palatable at that time) and wondering why it got more upset, or why I couldn’t lose the weight that week. Or why I couldn’t eat the same way and lose my weight.

Anyone out there relating to this?

I beat myself up over it. I joked about it (duh, this is why I can’t lose weight… must be genetics… believe me, I had every excuse in the book).

I minimized it. Until one day, something shifted. I started seeing what I was doing for what it was – making excuses.

Because of what I was telling myself. It was all up to me! Those freaking books had been right all along. All that corny, woo-woo, blah blah blah, the power is “within you”… It was true. And my refusal to accept it was holding me back.

Well. That took a while to wrap my head around. But then I started to embrace it. And change my actions to be more in line with all of that learning. And things started shifting! The weight started coming off. And, since then, I have lost all of the weight. I reached my goal (30 lb total). I can maintain it easily now. I don’t worry about it.

Of course I challenge myself to continue to grow and evolve (I like a challenge, what can I say).

Now I teach other people how to find where they are stuck and help them move through it to the body and the life they love.

I know it can take time and I truly believe that everyone has their own path of growth. You may not be ready now. You may still be in your gathering and learning phase.

What I have learned is how to take that knowledge you are gathering and apply it to get to your goal.

To use it to be confident, to feel comfortable in who you are and sexy and awesome in your body. It just takes being open to changing.

You don’t have to fully believe it can happen when you start – you only have to believe it is possible.

I encourage you to ask yourself and check in. Are you learning and consuming or are you taking action toward your goal? It is easy to go down the learning path and feel like we’re changing when we’re really just consuming. It’s okay to learn and apply along the way. Just don’t forget to keep learning by doing. That is where the greatest progress is made. 

You’ve got this, my friend. Go out there and believe in your possibility. Believe in yourself. I believe you can do it. If I can, everyone can too.



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