Do you want progress? Let go of perfection

Let go of perfection to create progress (and motivation as an added bonus).

If you’re waiting for all of the stars to align, for the tempting treats to be eaten, for the weather to get warmer, for COVID to get better… all of this will keep you from taking action.

Perfection is an illusion.

It’s a common and sneaky trick our minds create to hold us back from taking action. From making changes.

Perfection whispers in your ear “this won’t be enough”.

Perfection seduces you with promises of “tomorrow” (which, last time I checked didn’t exist on the calendar).

Check your perfectionistic fantasies at the door and get started. I promise the only thing you’ll regret is not starting sooner.

Pick your one action and practice it.


Be willing to be awkward.

Be willing to fail.

Be willing to learn.

Be willing to grow.

And you WILL become the amazing badass that lives inside your deepest desires.

You can do this.

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Adulting kills

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult, mostly because I thought I’d be able to choose for myself, adults were mature and rational and had control (ha, ha, right?).

All the things I didn’t have as a wee kiddo.

Then I grew up.

Man, I can adult like nobody’s business.

I love being organized, and efficient and in control.

Though, mostly I was attempting to control everything around me as a way to try to feel better.

As a side effect of trying to control everything around me, I could avoid the actual things I COULD control because those were more vulnerable, personal and raw.

Like my overeating and weight gain.

Like my defensiveness and distrust.

Like my sarcasm and interactions with others.

Over time, as we do, I softened, matured and ripened. Like a piece of fruit, I came into my own.

As I turned 40, I picked my head up and realized that I was not feeling empowered.

I was successfully adulting but not happy.

I was actually worried most of the time, felt like my mind was always reaching and scared I was missing THE THING I couldn’t afford to miss, and I felt tired, drained and depleted.

I was fighting myself. And losing, daily.

Then I stumbled upon life coaching. Previously I had made fun of coaching. I poo-pooed it. I didn’t understand what it really was.

Then I tried it, I took a chance, and I invested in myself.

Because I couldn’t go on as I was. I was miserable and struggling.

And getting coached blew my world wide open. I learned how to be kind to myself. To stop criticizing and judging myself (and in turn, others).

And it allowed me to love myself to weight loss, to encourage myself with kindness, to approach the challenges in life with a fresh, growth perspective.

I fully endorse causal coaching – where you get to explore (at your own pace) where and IF you want to change. It’s all in your control, coaching gives you that control back and is a safe space to be fully you. This is the way I coach my clients.

Anything we dislike in someone else is a mirror into our own inner world.

With coaching, I saw the possibility for my life.

And a new way to approach health, both for myself and my patients. And when I started nutrition coaching, for my clients there as well.

This new, improved version of adulting that I do now as a result?

I own my habits and my choices.

I love absolutely everything I eat (hell no, rice cakes, hello ice cream), I feel profoundly grateful and alive each and every day.

2+ years ago, life coaching profoundly changed the way I see and interact with the world, and myself. And I’m so so glad. And now I share the tools that I learned with my clients because I think we all can benefit from more inner peace and love and happiness.

Adulting can be satisfying at best and tedious at worst.

I fully endorse taking back your control, making your choices intentionally. Growing into the next version of you – the one who chooses intentionally to be healthier, deal with stress and discomfort head on and to LET GO of all the things we can’t control (which is most things).

I recommend it in the name of your health.

We all know that stress kills. It causes physical and mental pain and disease. It costs us time, energy and money. And worst of all, it strains our life and hides the beautiful things that we could be focusing on and seeing and experiencing every day.

There is a better way, a kinder, healthier and more loving way to live life.

I want to invite you to grow with us in the Healthy Happy Women group on FB. Join today and start March off with something new, something fresh, something fun.

We’re focusing on intentions this next month and we’ll be working on setting and smashing our health goals.

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Love me love me

I always thought that if I loved myself RIGHT NOW that it meant I was fully accepting and in agreement with my imperfections and then I’d never grow, I’d instantly be stuck “as is”… forever. 😳

Loving and accepting ourselves is challenging for exactly this reason.

To love fully we choose courageously to embrace the good with the bad that we’d rather reject, hide, or ignore.

I’ve found that the more I embrace loving and accepting ALL of me, the more easy it is to both see AND GROW the parts of me that I want to improve.

Including losing weight.

Including pushing myself out of my shyness to help more people.

Including allowing myself to feel awkward and uncertain as I meet new people, try new things and continue to improve.

Acceptance and love are the opposite of complacency.

We take care of what we love and cherish.

We deserve our own love and acceptance, especially because this opens us up to achieving all of our health goals.

Love is it my friends. Choose a different way to create your best emotional and physical health.

If you want help stepping into full love and acceptance so you can lose your weight, create a healthy mindset and thrive for the rest of your life, schedule a free consultation call with me, click here to schedule.

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Moving from wanting to action

You brain will always resist change. No big decision will ever feel completely awesome.
It will feel scary, uncertain, yet important.

You want to change your eating, build your confidence, or leave your job and your brain offers “thanks but no”

It tells you “it’s too hard”,
“there’s no way that will work”,
“it’s too much (time, money, effort, struggle)”…

Most of the time we stop there.

We choose to believe this story.

Our default, efficient brain relaxes.

We don’t stop to question these ideas.

We just accept this limit and change direction, like a Roomba bouncing off a firm object while vacuuming.

Simply questioning the resistance thoughts will help you move through from wanting to acting.

Allowing your brain to freak out and resist and then moving gears with your plan anyway.

Creating intention, creating a plan and then acting on it.

Click here to schedule your free consultation to get you moving toward your weight loss goal. Learn how to move through your discomfort to get what you really want.

In my complimentary consultation process, we talk about your goal, how to get you there, and then we gently question the resistance to see if you want to keep it, or let it go.

Let’s connect to talk about what’s truly possible when you’re ready to push through those sneaky limiting beliefs.

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Rice cakes, love and champagne

I used to beat myself up mentally every time I overate or found myself slipping back into habits I was trying SO HARD to change (help beautiful sugary dessert).

It was a continuous struggle. I forced it. I fought it. I ate rice cakes for heaven’s sake!! I HATE RICE CAKES!!

My mission felt necessary and noble, yet urgent. And I was a failure every time I failed.

When I finally stopped fighting and loved myself enough to let go, the weight fell off.

Changing habits and caring for myself through the bad days and the hard days felt so much easier.

So much more fun. And simple.

When we have big goals, and we can break them down into smaller, simple steps and choose love vs hate or struggle or shame as our fuel, achieving and continuing to move forward becomes easy.

And faster.

I highly recommend choosing love as your fuel.

As your motivator.

Celebrating NO MORE RICE CAKES with some bubbly.

You deserve all of it. All the love. All the success. All the health.

It’s time to claim yours.

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Portion Size Matters

I used to eat so quickly, my brain and fullness signals never had time to catch up. And before I knew it, I was uncomfortably stuffed.

My eyes were always bigger than my stomach (especially when it came to dessert… hello! 😍)

His and hers

What I know now:
Portion sizes matter.
I can’t eat as much as my super fit hubby.
When I slow down and taste my food, it becomes more enjoyable.
When I let go of FOMO, I enjoy eating more.
When I worked on my habits and let go of my mind drama around food, food, eating and health all became easier.

What portion of your health are you shrinking?
And which portion are you growing?

Portion size matters.

In your mindset and your life.

Trying to find the way to lose weight where you don’t have to struggle and feel deprived? Let’s set up a time to talk. I can help you.

Mindset hacks from snowboarding

Snowboarding epitomizes life. One small shift changes everything.

Snowboarding last week, I was tentative and wobbly. I kept falling. It was frustrating.

I realized my thought was “why is this so hard trust, am I a snowboarder?”

As I saw that thought, I decided to shift to “I’m a snowboarder and this is fun”.

When I made this tiny shift, I stopped wobbling. I stopped fearing. I thrashed the mountain and carved my way down. Easily. Effortlessly.

I see this pattern repeating in my life.

I used to ask “can I lose weight?” Instead of saying “I CAN lose weight”.

I used to ask instead of tell. Then I took back my power. I decline to be a victim. I am in charge of me.

If you’re struggling with food or losing weight (or keeping it off), whether it’s your first 10 lb, your next 10lb or your last 10lb, you can do this. You need only to take your power back, like I did on the mountain last week.

Stop asking, start telling.

If you need help with this shift, click here to set up a free call where we’ll explore the thoughts that are holding you back and get you moving downhill toward your destination.

Don’t let the pigeon or the toddler drive the car

Do you want a toddler driving you around in your car while you sit in the back seat?

Duh, no, right?

And yet we let our emotional brain drive us around ALL DAY LONG when it comes to our eating and health choices.

It’s time to put yourself back in the driver’s seat. And it’s more loving to put that toddler in the car seat in the back where they belong. Because you love your kiddo and you want them to feel safe while you make decisions for both of you.

Your “toddler” in this case is your emotionally driven, primitive brain. It’s the coping methods you learned as a child to attempt to have some control. It’s unconscious, well worn paths that your brain has taken over and over again until they become automatic.

When you make excuses and don’t take 100% responsibility for your food choices and health habits, you’re letting your toddler drive.

Bad day? Eat. 
Stress at work? Eat.
Fight with your spouse? Eat.
Feeling like a failure? Eat.

These patterns are reinforced over time. Food = dopamine hit (that feel good chemical in your brain). It’s like that Pavlov response, until it’s so automatic, you feel like you’re powerless to change it.

That’s a thought error. Your brain is confused. Your toddler’s been driving for so long, you don’t even see what it looks like when you are driving the car again.

You can care for the toddler and reconnect with your adult brain. In a safe, loving, and comfortable way. So you’re not slipping back into that blame, shame, guilt cycle again and again. When you’re using your rational brain to create your future – your life becomes simpler, easier, less stressful. You can enjoy your food again. You can relax into your life instead of fighting constantly.

You can do this. Help is just one message away. Click here to set up your free consultation today.

Lose your mind…fat

Fat cells are metabolically active.

This means they don’t just hang out and insulate and pad our thighs and bellies (and other crevices… like really? How do they get there?).

Fat is a conductor and an insulator (important for growing babies and conducting nerve impulses) but fat also induces inflammation at the cellular level.

Excess levels of fat increase the risk of many diseases including cancer and arthritis because of this subtle inflammatory response.

Losing weight is a great step toward overall health and losing fat is essential in prevention and decreasing risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as arthritis and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

So what?

Most of us don’t choose to be overweight.
It “just happens”.

Usually because we’re not focused on caring for ourselves. We’re off focusing on our families, our careers, saving the world… insert your reason here.

We’re ignoring our own health and frankly not respecting our bodies for what they can do FOR us. And the fat creeps on and stays.

The main reason?

We’re not managing our minds.

Because we never learned how. It’s not something they teach us in school.

Our beliefs, ideas, and thoughts create our results.

I refer to this as mental weight. And to lose physical weight and excess fat tissue, we first learn to lose our mental weight. This, my friend, is the key to permanent weight loss.

I’m teaching you exactly how to do this in Simply Thrive, my brand new program for weight loss & overeating.

Message me for details and to lock in your new member pricing!

If you’re intrigued but know you need more support, let’s set up a time to talk. 1:1 support for 12 weeks will change your health forever.

Gnomes and dancing

For years I thought that I wasn’t creative.

No artistic ability. Couldn’t draw or paint or create despite my artist mom trying for years to encourage me (no matter how terrible the end result… thanks mom). My brother is a phenomenal artist. I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

I let this idea hold me back for years. I choreographed mine and teammates’ floor routines at gymnastics.

I downplayed it.

I danced constantly. I blew that off. These things were different. In my mind, it was a lifelong sentence. No creativity coming from this girl.

I studied. I read. I had to be better at science than art. Because that’s just the way it was.

One day, I questioned this one belief: is it really true that I’m not creative?

I wanted to be creative. To create. So I poked holes in this idea until I found all the ways it wasn’t true. Intentionally. Day by day I sought evidence of my creativity.

And now? I find that it’s not true at all.

Otherwise how can I explain this adorable masterpiece above?
And yes, I danced in my seat to the music all the way through date night/paint night (and I may even have rapped all of Funky Cold Medina in the car on the way there too…).

Yes, my hottie knows how lucky he is. 😂

It’s like a faucet, I can’t even contain all of the creativity anymore.

What stories are holding you back… and what would happen if you questioned them? Poked some holes? Looked for evidence of the opposite? I bet you might be surprised.

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