Changes at the Thrive Arena

Life… the only constant is change.

And we’ve had a lot of change in the last 2 years globally.

When I started this website and blog, I wanted to help people thrive in their life by helping them decrease their emotional eating because it is a cause near and dear to my heart.

Almost 2 years later, my vision has evolved. It’s become bigger, grander, and to that extent, I will always help my fellow emotional eaters, as, at the core of overeating is overdesire and I know exactly how to help people desire FOOD less and life MORE. (hit me up if you want all of my secrets on this). I also completely understand and relate that it is extremely difficult to change or improve health habits in the face of major stressors.

So I’m broadening my mission. There is so much stress and worry in the world. It breaks my heart to see such beautiful, loving people stumbling under the weight of their stressors on a daily basis. COVID has changed our world, permanently. My physician colleagues all feel the strain, we are still attempting to balance our feelings and worry while we continue to care for those in need.

And everyone has had abrupt and unexpected changes to their daily lives.

Anything that puts pressure on, physically or emotionally causes stress.

And this change in society will continue. Some have adapted and even thrived, while others continue to struggle. I love our coaching community – as I’ve seen so many people reach out and stand up to help. I am right there with them.

I want you to know that if you are struggling, if you’re wanting more or different, you can still thrive. You don’t have to give up or give in or let go of your dreams of a better future than what you’re living now.

Joy is the opposite of stress. And my global mission is to continue to help improve physical health while teaching people like you the tools to thrive in your emotional health NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you.

Our mental and emotional health is intricately tied to our physical health. Our bodies are a reflection of our emotional worlds as well as our ability to process our stress and expand our emotional intelligence and literacy. As a rheumatologist, I’ve counseled thousands of patients on stress reduction and now as a coach, I’m able to expand these tools to you and everyone in your world.

I believe that if we are all empowered and know how to navigate stress and worry with with love, we can share more, give more, and feel more – of all of it, without increasing our stress (in fact, as we connect and share and these gifts spill over into each of our communities, we’ll all feel less alone, less isolated and more connected, by love). And what a wonderful gift this will be.

This is how we thrive. I’m doing free Stress Solutions sessions currently. Click this link to schedule yours. Share this with your friends and family and together we can change the world.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, I’ve got a new podcast cooking, and am tailoring my IG to you and helping you reduce stress, increase joy and thrive as an example to others of what’s possible when you go inside and bring the love out to play.

Much love, joy, and hugs to you, Liz

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