What is coaching? Why would you ever hire a coach?

A coach is someone who is supportive, educated, and helps to guide you toward a goal. A coach usually has experience with the subject matter that you hire them for.

Coaching is usually thought of in terms of sports. A coach corrects, guides, encourages, and cheers for you.

Coaching for nutrition is similar in a lot of ways. It’s also similar to life coaching.

Before you roll your eyes (I know you are because I did too initially), hear me out. Life coaching helps a person who is already functioning in their life and teaches them how to elevate and evolve their life by showing a person how they’re holding themselves back by their thoughts, feelings and actions. There are many definitions but it can also be seen as optimizing mental and emotional help from a coaching and assistance standpoint.

Coaching is NOT a substitute for mental health therapy or treatment. Therapy is a better avenue for people who are seeking to diagnose or treat a disease such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Coaching can be used in conjunction with mental health treatment but is not a replacement for it.

I find the psychology of people fascinating. I love getting to know people, especially people with different experiences and perspectives to learn how they see things. We all have our own thoughts and beliefs that were shaped by our experiences. These started at birth and will continue to evolve until we die.

Nutrition coaching is a venue for improving your eating, athletic performance, or your relationship with food. People hire a weight loss or nutrition coach to learn now to get to a goal, whether it is focused or in evolution. Athletes hire nutrition coaches to improve their performance, optimize their recovery, or learn more about how their nutrition can support their lifestyle. I consider an athlete someone who does a form of physical activity on a regular basis (even if you don’t consider yourself one).

Businesses are also starting to hire health coaches, performance coaches, and business coaches to improve their processes, their productivity, and even their individual employees and support them in personal growth on a more regular basis. Coaching is everywhere if you look hard enough.

My Approach

I don’t feel that anyone should need nutrition coaching long-term.

And I also believe that most of the time, there is no quick fix.

Diet plans that take out whole food groups or demonize any one thing are usually overlooking a balanced, flexible, and sustainable approach.

Juice fasts, detox pills, and diets that consist of protein drinks, etc are all meant to lure you in with the promise of fast, life-changing results. The only thing that’s quick and life-changing is the money that you spent that’s now gone.

Most people regain any quick weight loss they see with these gimmicks, because habits aren’t changed, the substitutions or eliminations with restrictions aren’t sustainable for a lifetime and you’re losing mostly water weight. Anyone that tries to sell you differently is lying. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

How I approach nutrition coaching is to learn about you and what your goals are, what has worked well for you, what you struggle with and we come up with a plan together of what we’re choosing to work on.

I don’t give you a specific meal plan, I’m happy to work with you to find suggestions that will work for you based on your food likes/dislikes and time constraints as well.

Not everyone cooks. Not everyone has time to meal prep regularly. I have been coaching for over 5 years and understand when life gets in the way. I also can show you what’s holding you back and keeping you from your goals and why.

I’ve helped people lose weight when they work 2-3 jobs, when they are balancing parenting, kids sporting events and work, through pregnancies and complicated medical issues.

I’ve helped people lose fat and gain muscle during deployments, I’ve worked with cancer survivors who are on hormone treatments.

Whatever you’re thinking right now that may be holding you back – don’t think that you can’t get to your goals. I know you can.

Coaching is a support for you, it helps you learn and teaches you how to reach your goals and maintain them long-term. It helps you improve your approach to nutrition and eating and together we can solve those issues that may have plagued you through your life.

I know that you can change if you want to.

Nothing excites me more than celebrating with people when they succeed.

Sometimes that first step toward change is all you need to transform your life. It’s your choice to stay where you are or choose to thrive.

I’d love to be there to teach you and watch you succeed!

Hey there! Let’s stay in touch.

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