Coming in as an Emotional Ninja

I used to think my frustration, anger or sadness was going to last FOREVER. It felt SO PERMANENT in the moment. It was agony.

Then I learned that every feeling we have as humans is temporary.

Your frustration? Temporary.

Your overwhelming desire for that ice cream? Temporary.

Your love for your family? Yup. Temporary.

All feelings come and go. And we get to choose which ones we repeat. Mostly, I know, we don’t feel like we control our emotions, but we do. It’s a skill. Most of us don’t learn this until we’re at least 40-50 years old. Some of us NEVER learn it (or even see it how it’s possible).

It’s not only possible to generate MORE of the feelings that you like, that you want, that get you where you want to be; it’s also possible to not only allow the uncomfortable ones (those negative feelings that are part of our human lives), but to channel them into your growth. I call this being an emotional Ninja.

Emotional mastery is the goal, discomfort is the currency of dreams. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

When you’re ready to thrive and become an emotional ninja and start allowing that discomfort so you can move forward through it – let’s connect so I can teach you how.

It doesn’t have to be scary or frustrating to navigate change. 💕

Email me at to get started.

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