Cravings, and Urges, and Desires, oh my!

My urges ALWAYS are for sweets

Everyone has desires, and when those desires are overwhelming, especially around food, we call them urges.

It’s easy to stop doing something (over eating, drinking, smoking, etc).

However, dealing with the urge or the craving to restart or continue the prior behavior is what is truly uncomfortable.

Your thoughts create emotions which create urges, which DEMAND your attention.

You can resist an urge, which requires willpower and causes mental stress.

You can give in to an urge, which causes a feedback loop in your brain that makes it stronger each time you experience it (just like a child who throws a fit to get their way).

OR, you can have a game plan and prepare and DEAL with the urge, accept it, expect it, and lean into it… and it will get easier and eventually resolve and not come back.

Learning how to allow and move through an urge or a craving is one of the keys to changing habits permanently – and if this interests you – I’m here for you! I teach all about it in my program. You can sign up and start today!

Otherwise, you can start today practicing on your own. So, when you find yourself wanting a snack while watching TV… acknowledge it, sit with it, firmly tell it that it’s okay and you aren’t going to be indulging in it and allowing it to be there and then fade without acting on it.

It gets easier with practice.

I’d love to know – when do you find it most difficult to deny an urge?!

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