Do you want progress? Let go of perfection

Let go of perfection to create progress (and motivation as an added bonus).

If you’re waiting for all of the stars to align, for the tempting treats to be eaten, for the weather to get warmer, for COVID to get better… all of this will keep you from taking action.

Perfection is an illusion.

It’s a common and sneaky trick our minds create to hold us back from taking action. From making changes.

Perfection whispers in your ear “this won’t be enough”.

Perfection seduces you with promises of “tomorrow” (which, last time I checked didn’t exist on the calendar).

Check your perfectionistic fantasies at the door and get started. I promise the only thing you’ll regret is not starting sooner.

Pick your one action and practice it.


Be willing to be awkward.

Be willing to fail.

Be willing to learn.

Be willing to grow.

And you WILL become the amazing badass that lives inside your deepest desires.

You can do this.

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