Don’t let the pigeon or the toddler drive the car

Do you want a toddler driving you around in your car while you sit in the back seat?

Duh, no, right?

And yet we let our emotional brain drive us around ALL DAY LONG when it comes to our eating and health choices.

It’s time to put yourself back in the driver’s seat. And it’s more loving to put that toddler in the car seat in the back where they belong. Because you love your kiddo and you want them to feel safe while you make decisions for both of you.

Your “toddler” in this case is your emotionally driven, primitive brain. It’s the coping methods you learned as a child to attempt to have some control. It’s unconscious, well worn paths that your brain has taken over and over again until they become automatic.

When you make excuses and don’t take 100% responsibility for your food choices and health habits, you’re letting your toddler drive.

Bad day? Eat. 
Stress at work? Eat.
Fight with your spouse? Eat.
Feeling like a failure? Eat.

These patterns are reinforced over time. Food = dopamine hit (that feel good chemical in your brain). It’s like that Pavlov response, until it’s so automatic, you feel like you’re powerless to change it.

That’s a thought error. Your brain is confused. Your toddler’s been driving for so long, you don’t even see what it looks like when you are driving the car again.

You can care for the toddler and reconnect with your adult brain. In a safe, loving, and comfortable way. So you’re not slipping back into that blame, shame, guilt cycle again and again. When you’re using your rational brain to create your future – your life becomes simpler, easier, less stressful. You can enjoy your food again. You can relax into your life instead of fighting constantly.

You can do this. Help is just one message away. Click here to set up your free consultation today.

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