Driving Ms. Daisy’s emotions

There are a lot of terrible drivers out there.

They’re distracted, they’re not paying attention, they’re not caring that they just cut you off.

And how we do one thing is how we do everything. When you think about it that way… scary, right?

As humans we have the power of choice.

We all have the ability to engage in or avoid conflict with other people. This is never more evident than when driving.

Road rage is a great example of how people (me included) give their power away by blaming a situation or another person on how they feel and act.

This is a sign of emotional immaturity, letting our primitive or child-like emotional part of our brain run the show.

When we’re acting from emotional immaturity, we aren’t take responsibility for how we feel.

Those who choose to act rationally, even when faced with an emotional situation have a huge advantage.

This looks like a pause to contemplate a stimuli, even for a few seconds and are more likely to respond versus react, like making room for the car that pulls in front of them… and not taking it personally.

This is emotional maturity, the decision to consciously choose how to think and feel about this and any situation.

We all have the capacity for emotional maturity. To act from our evolved, adult, prefrontal cortex (our rational brain).

Sometimes we tip more toward our primitive/fight or flight responses, other times we contemplate, think deeply and choose wisely.

When driving, we’re simultaneously using both our adult and primitive brains.

We need the efficiency of our practiced, learned, automated driving and reaction skills. We also benefit from thinking and owning our emotions, especially when driving in public.

So consider this when you get in your car (or interact in public today)… who do you want running your life? The adult brain who can think intelligently and guide you or that emotional child brain who wants to react?

Our emotional brain is always there running the show. When you’re ready to feel better, be empowered with your decisions & decrease your stress and worry to allow you to feel more balanced and centered in life; message me. Let’s chat so you too can thrive.

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