Eating to Nourish versus Eating to Macros

Weight loss plans that include macro counting can be beneficial to people who are new to nutrition and want to know what proportion of foods they’re eating fall into each category.

It can be eye-opening to think you’re eating a balanced of protein, carbohydrates, or fats and discover that you’re actually not eating very much of a specific macro nutrient and perhaps too much of another.

Learning to balance and read food labels and be aware of your calorie consumption can be very helpful.

For some people, this is enough.

If you’re reading this, you may not fall into this category.

I’ve also seen macro counting become somewhat obsessive and actually keep people from losing weight or reaching a certain goal because they become over consumed with meeting their macro goals or eating when they’re not hungry because they have macros or calories left on their app or calorie counting device.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people continue to count macros for years to hold themselves accountable.

Whatever works is what works for you.

I truly believe, however, that when you’re 75 years young, you likely won’t want to be still counting macros. It can be time consuming and limiting when you want to go out and LIVE your life.

Recording and monitoring your food intake is realistic for short-term periods and short-term, very specific nutritional and/or fitness-related goals. For months to years, it can actually be detrimental. Especially because even “My Fitness Pal” is up to 30% inaccurate with calorie counting on a day-to-day basis, not to mention, your body absorbs food differently with different conditions (hydration, sleep, other nutrient balances).

Transitioning from macro-based intake to listening to and respecting your body’s needs can be frightening. I know, I’ve done it. It took a little time, but honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my long-term nutrition goals.

Counting macros helped me understand and opened my eyes to what I was consuming on a daily basis. If I didn’t want to track something… it was likely something I already knew wasn’t getting me closer to my goals (see, there’s that intuitive process already there…even when you aren’t conscious of it).

If you want help transitioning – let me know! I believe you can transition to an intuitive style of eating when you’re ready, and I believe in you!

Hey there! Let’s stay in touch.

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  1. I use My Fitness Pal, but more for ‘reflection’ of where I could be better. Not that I don’t know, but seeing black and white doesn’t allow me to deny that I’m not being better than I can be.

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