Excess Mental Weight and how to lose it

Mental weight is the only thing standing in the way of the healthiest you.

“Mental weight“ is all that mind drama between your ears that’s constantly whispering to you in the background.

I’m talking about all of those thoughts telling you:
➡️ you’re not good enough,
➡️ you’re not worth it,
➡️ f*ck it, let’s just eat this
➡️ you’ll start tomorrow, next week, next year,
➡️ I’m too busy right
➡️ It’s too hard

These are all lies designed to keep you stuck where you are. Your brain is sneaky.

It’s also your thought “I’m trying to lose weight, I just can’t because __”.

If you’re “trying”, you’re not committed, you’re not dedicated, you’re dipping your toe into the water but letting the siren songs of doubt, overwhelm, and confusions seduce you.

Because that’s easier than facing your mental weight. These are familiar, and while you may not like them, they’re holding you hostage.

THIS is what truly holds you back from losing weight, establishing healthy habits and emotional intelligence. Your mental weight is your ball and chain.

But wait! 🤗
THIS is exactly where I can help you.
I am the expert to help you get rid of your mental weight forever. I will help you tame it, let it go and also how to use it to your advantage when it occurs.

p.s. When you’re ready to create your healthiest life from the inside out, message me and let’s talk. 🙌

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