Excuses, excuses

We all know what excuses are and what they look like.

So why do we let them stand in our way?

We can use them to hide, avoid, or procrastinate.

When we are feeling fear, doubt, overwhelm, or discomfort, an excuse can let us off the hook. It can help us hide.

An excuse is still a choice.

I love the saying “whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing”.

It is so true. For everything.

You can complain about your life, how everyone else’s life looks better, easier, safer, happier. Social media exacerbates this and makes it appear that everyone else is a baller and living “the” life.

Did you know that’s not true? Like really know it?

Everybody has good and bad days, good and bad thoughts. It’s what we make them mean and how we accept or refute them that makes us unique.

No one else can live our life. No one else can make our choices. We’re making them. Whether it’s something we choose or something we don’t. Either way we’re choosing.

When you choose to make an excuse, you’re shortchanging yourself. Your opportunity. Your chance.

What are you making excuses about today? And what do you REALLY want?

Go out there and go for it.

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