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Food preparation sounds a lot like planning ahead, right? You actually do plan what you’re going to eat ahead of time… it’s more about distinguishing whether it’s 5 seconds before your hand lifts the food to your mouth versus planning hours to days ahead of time to get quality foods that will fuel you best.

Preparing food sounds tedious.

It takes time. And planning. And skills.

Like cooking and dividing things up and actually then eating them?


Don’t they make companies for this? Why yes, yes, they do.

Ordering food is a form of preparing and planning ahead of time.

There are many ways to plan for success ahead of time.

On the other hand, food preparation can be tedious – if you want it to be, and if you have that mindset.

Do I food prep every week? Usually but not always.

This past Thanksgiving week I basically planned the day before and had a backup plan in case we didn’t have leftovers from dinner.

I can do this confidently because I know I’ll be accountable to myself.

It’s taking years to get to this point.

When I’m coaching my students or patients, I stress that preparing food and planning ahead is a way to guarantee success. It’s like needing a dollar and then finding a dollar bill on the counter in front of you to use. That’s a no brainer, right?

Do you plan for success or do you fail to plan and reap the results? Planning is a form of action that leads you to the results that you are getting.

What are you planning toward your goals this week?

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4 thoughts on “Food Prep”

  1. I’m new to meal prep but the minimal amount I have done I found out right away save me money, time, and nutrition regrets. When I have something readily available I eat out less also!

    1. Hi Jennifer! I have a bunch! My favorite food blogs are under “The Goods” and “My Favorite Things” on my top menu bar! 🙂 Let me know if you’re looking for something specific! I’m making some carnitas on my IG story currently (the_thrive_arena).

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