Gnomes and dancing

For years I thought that I wasn’t creative.

No artistic ability. Couldn’t draw or paint or create despite my artist mom trying for years to encourage me (no matter how terrible the end result… thanks mom). My brother is a phenomenal artist. I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

I let this idea hold me back for years. I choreographed mine and teammates’ floor routines at gymnastics.

I downplayed it.

I danced constantly. I blew that off. These things were different. In my mind, it was a lifelong sentence. No creativity coming from this girl.

I studied. I read. I had to be better at science than art. Because that’s just the way it was.

One day, I questioned this one belief: is it really true that I’m not creative?

I wanted to be creative. To create. So I poked holes in this idea until I found all the ways it wasn’t true. Intentionally. Day by day I sought evidence of my creativity.

And now? I find that it’s not true at all.

Otherwise how can I explain this adorable masterpiece above?
And yes, I danced in my seat to the music all the way through date night/paint night (and I may even have rapped all of Funky Cold Medina in the car on the way there too…).

Yes, my hottie knows how lucky he is. 😂

It’s like a faucet, I can’t even contain all of the creativity anymore.

What stories are holding you back… and what would happen if you questioned them? Poked some holes? Looked for evidence of the opposite? I bet you might be surprised.

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