Grazing versus Eating meals

People develop different eating patterns over time. Sometimes due to convenience, sometimes due to habit.

Some eating habits are good, others can be detrimental (middle of the night refrigerator raid anyone?).

There is no one right way to eat.

That being said, timing of nutrition is a hot research topic. I just read a great article on chrononutrition (nutrient timing). It discussed the intricacies of circadian rhythms, carbohydrate digestion, beta cell function, and dim light melatonin onset (check out the article here).

 Food timing is important for certain populations.

There seems to be a general consensus that 3-4 eating periods per day seem to be ideal for most people.

Other people tend to snack throughout the day. For some, this may be a better idea due to health reasons.

There is no one right way (other than not eating at all or overeating, I think we can all agree these opposite ends of the spectrum are not healthy).

The important take-home point is that you should be eating intentionally.

When physically hungry.

What are your eating patterns and how to do they help you or keep you from getting to your goals?

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