Habit Based Nutrition

There are six main habits that I teach for weight loss and maintenance.

  • Eat only when physically hungry
  • Stop eating when physically satisfied
  • Sleep well
  • Hydrate daily
  • Plan your fun eating ahead of time
  • Create a life that fulfills you

Sounds simple, right?

These six things are simple, but they’re not always easy.

These are the tenants that I’ve found to be most successful in creating a life that you’re happy to be living.

A life where you don’t just survive day-to-day.

I’m talking to all of you who have fought a long battle with your mind and your body.

You against food. You against diets. You against your own willpower.

Day after day after day. On and off the diet merry-go-round. Are you ready to get off once and for all and walk away?

Put down your swords. Stop being frustrated. Join me and let me teach you how to thrive, not only with food but with life.

Let’s rediscover the fun in your life.

Let’s find your joy. I can see it there – inside you!

Let food be what it’s meant to be, nourishment to fuel your adventures!

Let’s get started creating that life that you are excited to get up and live every. damn. day.

Join me and start thriving today!

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