Small steps move us forward. Change can be hard, it can seem impossible, especially with deeply ingrained food habits and preferences. It IS possible to make improvements, not give up your favorite foods, AND achieve your best health!

Want food freedom? I can show you the way.

Nutrition is fundamental to health.

Food does so much more for us than just give us nourishment. It is a cultural bridge, a respite, a source of pleasure. It also can drag us down, make us obsessed, and cause us stress. Learning to have a balanced and healthy relationship with food (of all kinds) is a practice, and I believe it is attainable for everyone.

Are you tired of feeling tired and older than you are?

Find yourself fearing mealtime? Embracing it too much?

Thinking about food constantly?

Tired of always thinking about food or worrying about your weight?

You’ve come to the right place!

Free Resources about the basics of nutrition and its building blocks, macro nutrients:

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