I used to think that writing things down was a waste of time.

Oh, the naivety of youth.

Now I realize the value.

Journaling (aka writing down my thoughts) helps my brain to see what its thinking and what’s causing me to feel both positive and negative emotions.

I can see my thoughts written out on the page.

It has been a valuable tool. Do I do it all the time? No.

Sometimes I’ll be upset and want to know exactly why so I’ll stop and write out a few sentences that are shouting in my head and then realize, “no wonder I’m perseverating! These are the exact thoughts are causing my emotion to stay or build”.

Other times I’ll continue on my merry way as the thoughts I’m having are in harmony and serving me well.

Some people journal to better be in touch with themselves and their feelings.

Other people do it as a record of events (an example is a travel journal, so they can capture the events and feelings of each day).

Is journaling necessary? No.

Is it a valuable tool to add to your arsenal if you’re on a mission for self-growth? I believe it is.

Especially if you want to change a behavior or a habit.

Understanding why you’re choosing to do something is essential to changing, as your thoughts are what are giving you your current results, whether you’re aware of them or not.

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