When is the last time you felt it?

This morning when you looked at your spouse or child sleeping? When you snuggled your beloved pet?

When you were a child on Christmas morning seeing all of the presents under the tree?

Life, in total, is not joyful.

Life can be painful, hard, challenging.

Life can break you.

But even in the process of breaking, there can be joy.

Life is in the moments. Good and bad, the yin and the yang. As humans, if we accept that half of our existence is not positive, we can embrace the other half that is, and learn to lean into the times that give us that contrast.

I never really “got” that until recently.

I find a lot of my joy being outdoors

40+ years later… I’m still learning. I feel like a novice.

But now that I’m grasping some basic concepts that are repeated by amazing leaders that are before their time… I’m learning.

I’m learning to find joy in the day-to-day moments.

It doesn’t happen every day. Sometimes it happens once a week. Like all feelings, it’s always fleeting.

But now that I can recognize it, I appreciate it when I see it.

And I’ve learned to appreciate it, to lean in when it’s there, to savor it. I’m learning how to seek it, find it, and create it as well.

Where do you find your joy?

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