Kicking the dog

Do you abuse your dog or cat?

We beat our bodies up regularly with no regard or appreciation for them.

We treat our pets better than we treat ourselves.

Most of us would never kick our pets or do anything to harm them.. and even if we yell at them occasionally… they keep coming back with their unconditional love.

Our bodies love us unconditionally too.

And we ignore our body and our default health and disrespect it and don’t appreciate it… until our body starts hurting or defaulting or developing dis-ease.

Then we get upset and angry with our body. Because it has betrayed us. Because it’s not working right. Because we’re focused (like we always are) on what’s going wrong in any given moment rather than appreciating exactly what’s going right.

This is why I teach all of my clients how to appreciate, love, and celebrate their bodies.
Right now, as is. Even when we first start working together & they may be far from their desired result.

Because what we focus on expands.

You want better health? Start appreciating the loyalty and love your body gives you daily and watch it grow.

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