Killing it for Sport

What? You thought I was talking about actual killing? Hello!

I’m talking about killing it in life. Every day. Getting up and working toward your dreams. For me that means planning what I’m going to eat, what I’m going to focus on and constrain myself to, what I’m going to work on personally, professionally, and athletically, and how I’m going to connect and enjoy my relationship. It freaking rocks.

You might think that’s a lot to do in one day. That I’m some kind of special mutant that never sleeps (not true, I am in bed for 7-8 hours every night).

What makes you think you can’t do all of it and do it well?

That’s right. It is your mind, that sneaky little devil. It tells you all kinds of crap. It likes to confuse you. Mine used to do a number on me constantly. I was anxious. I was scattered. I was unfocused. I was so flipping busy that I couldn’t get out of my own way.

I wanted more but I couldn’t even focus enough to get one thing done versus all of it. I could picture where I wanted to be but had NO idea HOW to get there.

I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to stop eating emotionally and “just because” I wanted to, when I wanted to lose weight at the same time. I wanted to be in a ridiculously hot and loving relationship with a man who loves me, wants me and appreciates me (and does the dishes). I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be proud of who I am.

I chipped away. I accomplished some things. I got to “there” and it wasn’t ANYTHING like I thought it would be. That was a let down. Huge let down. What the heck.

Everywhere I went, there I was. Same issues, same coping mechanisms, same repetitive problems.

Don’t get me wrong, me and self-help go way back (thanks Mom for letting me borrow your books). I felt like it was useful, the concepts made sense. But then, as I found out, if you are just consuming and not applying… really not that helpful.

Then I found coaching. Boom. And I started growing, examining my thoughts and working through the issues I had shoved down in the corner. All the “stuff” that had been there all along.

And it sucked a little. Okay, sometimes it sucked a lot.

I still felt stupid, I still felt small, I still felt insecure despite all of my progress. But I had a guide, a friend, someone who didn’t judge me, who showed me how to love myself and realize my worthiness as I was RIGHT THEN. Broken, silly, with that facade we all wear even when we know inside we look different.

And then I learned that one thing that turned everything on its head.

It was all in my control.

And the world shifted. Mic drop. Mind blown.

This is available to you. Right now. I think it’s the best news I’ve heard all year. You can have a wonderful life (just like the movie). Go out and live it. Go out there and give it your all. Go all in. Kill it, starting today!

Have a beautiful week,


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