Lessons from 2020

I had such big goals and dreams for 2020. And I didn’t achieve them. And that’s ok.

It was definitely a year of growth for me. A year of learning, of eye-opening, anxiety-inducing, dig-deep-and-see-what-is-truly-important uncomfortable growth.

The face I make when I’m uncertain…

I don’t know about you but I’ll never forget 2020. And the invaluable learning that I’ve experienced. I even made a list.

This is what 2020 taught me:

  1. The future is always uncertain. We only have control over how we think and feel. We think we know what will happen, but tomorrow is never guaranteed
  2. Business is hard… Action doesn’t equal success
  3. Health and family are most important and practicing gratitude for both keeps me focused
  4. I get to decide how I feel. About everything.
  5. Emotional eating can still appear like an old friend under extreme stress, even when I think I’ve conquered it
  6. I don’t love working out alone but I can do it if I have to (though I prefer to be around others)
  7. Exercise = stress relief
  8. My immune system is a badass mofo and focusing on my mental and emotional health & growth drove this
  9. Kindness and compassion are the keys to my mental and emotional health
  10. I can’t wait for more growth and discomfort in 2021, running headfirst into discomfort is the fastest way to grow and I like the way my growth muscles are coming in this year

What are you taking with you into 2021 from 2020?

Anything? Everything? Comment below.

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