Lies your brain tells you

All or nothing is a thought. And it’s holding you back right now.

If you decide to walk for 5 minutes per day, your brain will tell you it’s not enough.

If you decide to leave 2 bites of food on your plate per meal, your brain will tell you you’re lazy and not doing it “right”.

Your brain wants you to believe anything you do or choose has to be all or nothing.

Your brain is a liar. It doesn’t mean to be, it just wants to be efficient. This thought error keeps you stuck in inaction.

We all do this. Throughout our lives. This is our baseline protective mechanism as humans. We want to survive. Except we’re not stuck in a cave anymore.

We have the safety of our homes, our families, our jobs. We’re not making life or death choices every day anymore. Except your unconscious, emotion-driven, primitive fight-or-flight brain doesn’t know that. So your un-evolved brain runs on default and runs the show to keep discouraging you from change.

And your evolved brain is like Bambi… unsteady, weak, unable to walk well in this arena that is life, because it’s still relatively new (in evolutionary terms) and it hasn’t learned to run, jump, and thrive yet.

So what is the solution?

You train, you practice, you strengthen your evolved brain. You consciously choose. Repeatedly. And you practice changing that default idea that change = death. You build the muscle of conscious choice.

You evolve. And you find evidence that those small changes you’re making are compounding over time.

You can thrive.

You can achieve balance.

You can even have your cake and eat it too*.

*results may be typical and indicative that you’re doing it right.

When you’re ready to lose the weight, see the progress, and learn exactly how to build your choosing muscle – let’s set up a consultation where you’ll learn exactly where your mind is keeping you stuck.

To learn more about small changes, watch this short video I created just for you.

Building your mindset is just like building strength, it’s always one rep at a time

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