Like ice cream on a hot summer day

I used to get so excited (ok who am I kidding, I still do) to go get ice cream (the absolute best food ever, don’t argue with me, I will fight you).

There were so many choices of flavors for ice cream, occasionally it would overwhelm me and I would find myself frustrated by having to decide.

Because if I choose wrong, my whole afternoon would be ruined by a not-as-delicious flavor. And then it would dim my whole experience (at least this is what my human brain offered me)

Over time, I found what flavors I liked the best. And I stuck with them. Even to this day, I will choose lemon pie over any chocolate flavor.

This is exactly how every choice we make in life works.

Our power as humans lies in our ability to decide. To choose. To have our own backs after we decide. And to thank our brains for the warning and the FOMO thoughts (Fear Of Missing Out for those of you now scratching your heads).

When I’m triggered emotionally, I can respond or I can react. My choice. I sometimes would react to being overwhelmed by starting to cry (from frustration, from too many choices, from fear of making the wrong choice). If I cried though, this decreased my chance of actually getting said ice cream (as my parents would get confused, frustrated and we would leave to avoid making a scene in public). Conversely, I would feel the discomfort and FOMO make the best choice of flavors that I could in that moment. Decisions only take a moment to make. Our minds will always tell us we need more time. This can evoke emotion in us.

We can take action or allow the emotion to pass. We can use the emotion to learn something about ourselves ( for me most commonly: why was I frustrated when that person didn’t understand me, how could I have approached that conflict differently, am I overreacting, will the wrong ice cream flavor really ruin my day?).

We all have this power. A lot of us give it away or resist owning our choices AND our emotions. This creates and perpetuates stress.

Why would I let my internal struggle keep me from the chance of getting my favorite food (🍦) ? Because my human brain avoids owning my decision, because then if I’m ultimately unhappy, it’s my fault (doesn’t feel great, does it…to have no one else to blame, lol).

We’re conditioned by our upbringing and society to give at least some of our ownership to others:

“That person hurt my feelings, this shouldn’t have happened, I deserve better”, etc.

My friends, we can greatly decrease stress & worry and improve the story of our life by taking responsibility for our choices.

Pick a flavor, decide you like it and then enjoy the heck out of the flavor you picked. Have your own back with decision making. Love whatever decision you make and trust that you are making the best decision you can IN THAT MOMENT.

You can always go back and get a different scoop tomorrow. 🍨

How would this one idea change you if you decided to always be the one picking and taking full responsbilty for your choices and emotions?

Choose with intention. Choose from love, not fear.

You can reduce your stress and worry. You can have more fun and confidence in your life. You can always know that you will enjoy whatever flavor you choose.

Message me now to get started working specifically on YOUR most pressing stressors.

You can be free of stress. All it takes is a decision.

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