Look over your LEFT shoulder to see your future

Our human brains tend to either look back or look ahead constantly.

I know I used to be constantly hoping, wishing and planning for the future.

Are you living in your future or your past?

The only way your past affects you is how you choose to think about it right now. It’s the same with the future.

ONE small shift in perspective from future or past to present focused will make all the difference when you want to change your life.

Are you focusing on the future while living in the now?

Or are you worrying about a future that may never come, or fretting about a past that you can’t change, except in your perspective?

Learning from your past while applying that knowledge to your future helps you grow and create as you go through your days.

It’s a very cool way to live. You’re always learning and moving forward. Never being stuck, unless you’re choosing to pause while learning or going deeper into your why.

I love feeling alive at any given moment. Feeling empowered. Tingly, excited. Energetic. I highly recommend it!

Have a fantastic weekend my friends.



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