Losing that last 7 lb

Ever feel like your life is upside down?

I used to eat emotionally all the time. Why? Because it was how I coped with life. Happy? Eat. Upset? Eat. Lonely? Eat. I went along my merry way but also lamented that I felt tired, ugly, fat, and wanted to change things but felt helpless to start or succeed. I wanted someone to show me what to do, to tell me what to do. To help me “fix” my problems.

I didn’t realize that nothing was wrong with me. I didn’t realize that I just hadn’t yet found the greatest tool of all: life coaching. Not even related to nutrition or food intake! What? 

I tried multiple diets. I restricted, I counted calories, macros, did food timing, intermittent fasting, giving up whole food groups. Some of it worked temporarily. Some of it helped me keep some weight off. Sure, my habits improved, I gained nutritional knowledge, but I still felt like something was missing. I knew that there was more.

I stumbled on life coaching when I was looking for a permanent solution to my weight loss problem. I started working with a coach and she opened me up to what was missing and holding me back in my life. I dug in and have never looked back. 

I lost my last 7 lb, which previously had hung like an albatross around my neck. They fell away like they were nothing. It was the mental weight I was losing. 

Recently, I realized I was slipping back into some emotional eating. It snuck up on me like an old friend.

This time though, I had the skills and awareness to recognize it for what it was, acknowledge it and move past it.

With confidence. With grace and kindness. With love. 

I coach busy professionals who want to stop overeating emotionally and instead enjoy their meals and love their lives.

I help you get from where you are to where you want to be in your thoughts about food, dieting, health and balance. You want to love their body. You want to confidently navigate ANY situation. I know how to help you find your true self and lose your mental weight in the process.

Schedule a call with me today to learn how to be free.

Love your body and your life. Start today.




p.s. Join my private FB group to learn more about how you can lose your mental weight by using the same skills and habits. You have nothing to lose, except your weight.

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