Love me love me

I always thought that if I loved myself RIGHT NOW that it meant I was fully accepting and in agreement with my imperfections and then I’d never grow, I’d instantly be stuck “as is”… forever. 😳

Loving and accepting ourselves is challenging for exactly this reason.

To love fully we choose courageously to embrace the good with the bad that we’d rather reject, hide, or ignore.

I’ve found that the more I embrace loving and accepting ALL of me, the more easy it is to both see AND GROW the parts of me that I want to improve.

Including losing weight.

Including pushing myself out of my shyness to help more people.

Including allowing myself to feel awkward and uncertain as I meet new people, try new things and continue to improve.

Acceptance and love are the opposite of complacency.

We take care of what we love and cherish.

We deserve our own love and acceptance, especially because this opens us up to achieving all of our health goals.

Love is it my friends. Choose a different way to create your best emotional and physical health.

If you want help stepping into full love and acceptance so you can lose your weight, create a healthy mindset and thrive for the rest of your life, schedule a free consultation call with me, click here to schedule.

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