Love please

What does choosing love look like in your life?

Does it mean taking some down time this week amidst the hustle of the holiday season?

Or does it look like pausing to take a walk, call a friend, or do more to focus on your health like going to bed earlier, stopping that negative Nelly in your head from taking over?

Every day, I’m asking myself, “what does love look like here”?

And then choosing love. Even when it means allowing fear, doubt, and insecurity along for the ride.

You can choose love. Always. It’s the best answer to fear. You can expand your emotional tool belt to let love ride shotgun.

You can do this.

I encourage you to give yourself MORE room for love today. And then drop me a comment to let me know what this looked and felt like for you! You inspire your tribe by choosing love. Be the example of what is possible. In your life and theirs.

If you want help accessing love, tapping into your growth, or building your confidence to choose boldly as you grow, click here to set up a time to talk and come up with the best plan for you.

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