Lying and the spotlight

What’s holding you back from hitting your health goals?

If you’re like me, it was LYING to myself for years.

Thinking “I might be able to lose weight, if…”

Saying “yes, I want to lose weight, but…”

Starting over every Monday, every month, setting the same tired New Year’s goal and weight goal EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

I listened to the people who told me to love myself in that moment. I listened but didn’t understand.

I feel like someone turned a giant spotlight on me about 18 months ago. And showed me ALL the ways I was failing myself ahead of time but giving up BEFORE I tried.

All it took was one small thing. Done consistently. And now I’m rocking my goals and setting new bigger ones that, honestly, take my breath away when I stop to think about them.

I KNOW you can be healthier. I KNOW you can achieve your goals. I KNOW you can stop overeating. I know this because I’ve been you. I understand you. I feel you. I can help you.

Let me drop another bomb – “someday” will NEVER come. Today is the day to move forward – you NEED to work with me when you’re ready to believe it’s possible for you!!

Let’s DO THIS. You CAN do this. Contact me to get started.



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