Making Changes

We all have a comfort zone.

Things that we like to do, ways we like to do things. However then do we ever change?

We step outside of our comfort zone.

I’ve noticed that when my desire to do something outweighs my comfort level, I tend to push myself forward no matter what.

When I’m contemplating a change but still uncertain if I truly believe I can achieve it, I tend to hold back, debate, feel uncertain, confused or overwhelmed.

These are my mind’s protective feelings. I’ve learned to recognize them.

I’ve learned to be aware of them.

And being aware of them and recognizing when they occur has helped me push through the comfort boundaries that I had previously set for myself.

With my weight loss, I’d find myself bargaining or rewarding myself in my head when I weighed myself. “Congrats, you lost xxx, so now you can eat that cookie… well, if we eat salad for the next 2 days, we’ll be sure to hit taht next weight goal then we can go back to where we feel comfortable”. Sound familiar?

I had a whole dialogue going on in my mind (that I wasn’t even necessarily consciously aware of)! Dang it gets crowded up there!

Then I learned about being aware of thoughts and how to use them to my advantage. How to guide the party in my head and use it to my advantage to change and grow.

Are you aware of what’s holding you back from achieving the body you love and the life you are enthusiastic to get up every day and enjoy?

Next time you’re feeling doubtful, uncertain, confused or overwhelmed, take a second to check in mentally. Are you feeling that way to protect yourself from discomfort? Are you actually holding yourself back unintentionally?

Get started making that change today – learn how to manage your thoughts to make those changes and live outside of your comfort zone to achieve the life you’re dreaming about currently!

If I can do it, you definitely can too!

And let me tell you, it’s freaking awesome!!

Have a productive and amazing day today.

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