Are you dealing with menopause (or manopause) and the “extra 10lb around the middle”?

I can help!

Ah, hormones. We love them when we’re younger, but as we age, not always so much.

As women move into peri-menopause (which can start up to 10 YEARS prior to actual menopause), progesterone levels start to fluctuate more and estrogen dominance can occur.

This can lead to worsening PMS symptoms, fatigue, hair changes, sleep disturbances (hello, hot flash anyone?) and a host of other symptoms.

Due to these fluctuations in our regularly scheduled programming (aka habits), we can see some weight gain, especially in the “stress” or cortisol-related pattern of abdominal area fat gain.

In addition to this, we tend to not always have the best eating habits and exercise routines while we’re going through these changes.

All of this combined can lead to weight gain.

Is weight gain inevitable? NO!

👊 Can this weight be lost (and not found ever again)? YES! 😍

However, realistic expectations and habits need to be followed.

What can you do?

  1. Sleep is key for weight maintenance and is often overlooked. Is stress keeping you awake at night? Practice sleep hygiene and perhaps incorporate meditation into your daily routine
  2. Weight training during this time becomes even more crucial to build muscle and maintain strong, healthy bones and balance (as estrogen falls, bones start to thin over time). Exercise and weight training also have the added benefit of endorphins (mood boosting chemicals) and smaller waistlines.
  3. Incorporate more movement into your day. It doesn’t have to be another Crossfit session or 5k run. Instead take the stairs, park further away, make more movement intentional. Often we THINK we’re moving just as much as we were before, but we may not be.
  4. Even if you get more movement in, incorporate weight training, work on better quality sleep and stress reduction activities, sometimes food portion sizes still need to be adjusted.

Working with a coach who is knowledgeable about peri- and post-menopausal changes in women can be very helpful to get and keep you on track with your individualized goals! 💃

What one thing can you do which will make the biggest difference?

My 6 week coaching course (with coaching support) is now available! Click the link on courses above! I’m super excited to help you get to your goals!

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