Mind Management

Mind management aka thought work comes in when you want to eat more than you are hungry for;

When you want to eat when you’re not hungry;

when you want to keep eating because something tastes delicious;

When you’re distracted or having fun, or you’re just used to eating until you’re stuffed out of habit.

Some of us find our daily joy in eating.

What if we could find our daily joy in LIFE and not using eating as a way to feel happy, satisfied, joyful, complete, relieved, safe.

What if…

Mind management comes in as well when it’s time to rest, when it’s time to sleep and recharge and yet… your brain seems to click “on” and start running.

Does this happen to you? Is it keeping you from sleeping? Are you not feeling rested when you get up in the morning? Do you think of sleep as a “necessary evil” and try to limit it because you’re JUST.TOO.BUSY?

Our world moves so quickly.

We blink and a year has gone by. Our kids are grown. Our jobs are monotonous. We don’t know the person we’ve married/divorced/dated/lived with for years.

How does this happen? When did we detach? When did we start ignoring ourselves and our health and our hygiene?

Let me help you learn how to create the best life for you.

Learn how to eat for nourishment, to what your body needs but not beyond that.

Learn how to be a healthy weight effortlessly, shed your emotional weight to be the person you were destined to be.

My goal is to give you the tools to become the best version of you and allow you to find your joy, your passion, your happiness in the world.

Then the student becomes the teacher.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place and evolve as humans to our destinies.

Okay, wait, that last part was TOTALLY corny – but I mean it. I can help you get where you want to be. That place in your heart and mind that you know you’re destined for but have NO idea where to start.

I can help. You just have to take that first step!

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