Mindset hacks from snowboarding

Snowboarding epitomizes life. One small shift changes everything.

Snowboarding last week, I was tentative and wobbly. I kept falling. It was frustrating.

I realized my thought was “why is this so hard trust, am I a snowboarder?”

As I saw that thought, I decided to shift to “I’m a snowboarder and this is fun”.

When I made this tiny shift, I stopped wobbling. I stopped fearing. I thrashed the mountain and carved my way down. Easily. Effortlessly.

I see this pattern repeating in my life.

I used to ask “can I lose weight?” Instead of saying “I CAN lose weight”.

I used to ask instead of tell. Then I took back my power. I decline to be a victim. I am in charge of me.

If you’re struggling with food or losing weight (or keeping it off), whether it’s your first 10 lb, your next 10lb or your last 10lb, you can do this. You need only to take your power back, like I did on the mountain last week.

Stop asking, start telling.

If you need help with this shift, click here to set up a free call where we’ll explore the thoughts that are holding you back and get you moving downhill toward your destination.

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