Moving from wanting to action

You brain will always resist change. No big decision will ever feel completely awesome.
It will feel scary, uncertain, yet important.

You want to change your eating, build your confidence, or leave your job and your brain offers “thanks but no”

It tells you “it’s too hard”,
“there’s no way that will work”,
“it’s too much (time, money, effort, struggle)”…

Most of the time we stop there.

We choose to believe this story.

Our default, efficient brain relaxes.

We don’t stop to question these ideas.

We just accept this limit and change direction, like a Roomba bouncing off a firm object while vacuuming.

Simply questioning the resistance thoughts will help you move through from wanting to acting.

Allowing your brain to freak out and resist and then moving gears with your plan anyway.

Creating intention, creating a plan and then acting on it.

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