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I fell into nutrition and weight loss coaching almost by accident. I had a period about 11-12 years ago where I realized I had gained weight that I had previously lost, I was not exercising regularly nor handling my stress well (aka eating to relieve it) and I decided to join a boot camp exercise program right after returning from a conference in Hawaii (nothing like being in a bathing suit to jump start some healthy endeavors, am I right?).

I researched a few boot camps then joined one despite being scared to death, feeling off kilter and not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I made a few friends (hi S!), re-discovered my love of exercise and half-halfheartedly attempted a few “weight loss challenges” at this boot camp. I’d lose the same 5 lb over and over again. But I was trying, so that had to count for something, right? I’d eat really really well (for me) for a few weeks, then slowly slide back into my old habits.

Well, a year or two later, this boot camp closed so I joined another local chain boot camp and jumped on board. At this program, there was a lot of positive energy and a lot of challenges and incentives to eat better, etc. And the trainer also would give nutrition advice and guidance (I know, I should have known better, but stay with me)… She would put everyone on the “plan” that worked for her, so it should have worked, right? It was a high-fat, low (essentially NO) carb diet with low to moderate calories. Positively, I started learning more about macros at this point. In retrospect, if I had just listened to my hubby at that point and done what he had recommended… I’d fast forward 5+ years, but then this story would be really short and I probably wouldn’t have learned all of my lessons the hard way.

Following this restrictive protocol, I did get down to a super low weight for me, then once I started eating regularly again… the weight came back. I had this belief that I couldn’t weigh less than I did in high school at the height of my fitness as an athlete (we’ll come back to this belief later)… even though in high school I ate like crap (as most of us do) and was a competitive gymnast working out 12+ hours per week.

A few years into this boot camp, I discovered that this trainer was not maintaining her weight just on nutrition and boot camp, she was actually working out somewhat obsessively when she wasn’t at boot camp and did not have a healthy mindset at all…she was going to CrossFit and so I decided to check it out as well. I also don’t agree with false advertising… hence another reason to continue my journey elsewhere…

It took me about 6-8 months of CrossFit classes to decide that I liked lifting weights. I knew always that I don’t work out well by myself, I need a group class to motivate me. I know that the key to consistent activity is to find something you love to do… and do it. This is one belief that I’ve held on to over the years and that I now encourage in others – movement for wellness, for stress relief and for learning about and being one with your body.

By that time, I had looked into online programs and found one that had a good following, touted macros and eating to maximize performance. I liked that idea.

I learned a lot about macro calculations, adding more protein to my diet, placing carbohydrates around my workouts and I appreciated that the company talked about no food being off limits (no “good” or “bad” foods) and loving your body at baseline before you lost weight or changed it.

The coaches were encouraging and it was a great community. It was here that I was “recruited” to become a “coach”. About six months into my journey with them, I was approached by management to ask if I was interested in becoming a coach because I was a “great cheerleader” as I was very encouraging to other members, especially new members. I agreed, because, after all, what did I have to lose?

I was “trained” on how to calculate macros and adjust them for clients and I continued with this group for several years (with no formal trainings or certifications). I learned a lot, and I also parted ways with them after the company had gone through a growth spurt and I found out that the owner was lying to staff about some stuff and making the coaches lie to clients. That was not cool. A fair amount of us felt the same way, so we kept in touch and then a few of the other coaches decided to form a smaller nutrition site. I coached there after completing my Precision Nutrition certification and continued 1:1 coaching there happily for the last 2 and half years.

On my personal weight loss and health journey, I had transitioned off macros and became more interested in intuitive healthy eating and was coaching my clients, when interested, in the same. It opened up a whole new world for me, and I began to research other, more intuitive and mindset based programs because I knew that I didn’t want to track macros or my food long-term.

I read Georgie Fear’s book, Lean Habits, which greatly assisted me on my journey and also found Corrine Crabtree of Phit-n-Phat and started listening to her blog. I was fascinated by her passion, her story, and her message of “losing weight the way you’ll live it”. From there I found her mentor, Brooke Castillo’s podcast and website and embraced her self-coaching course, and, after 8 months, an idea was born.

What you see now is the evolution of my idea. This business is born out of my passion to help other people evolve their lives and their nutrition to be their best selves and feel amazing.

My mission is to help transform your life and teach you to push past your limits to achieve your body and life goals. In a healthy, safe and permanent way. You are the only thing standing in the way of your goals – are you ready to transform your life?

Be you, fearlessly! How? One thought, habit, meal at a time.

Let’s DO THIS!!!

Hey there! Let’s stay in touch.

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