What am I talking about?

I’m writing a blog about an old school term for “cool” or “groovy” or “boss” or whatever it is kids are using these days (okay, I’m not ancient but I have been around for a while).

Just kidding! I’m actually talking about Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Have I lost you again? Yeah, that’s why it goes by “NEAT”.

This refers to any activity that you do during the day that’s not considered exercise based on heart rate and metabolism and energy exerted.

Most people use it to refer to activities such as walking, yoga, stretching, gardening, doing chores around the house, work (if it’s physically active work). This is where the majority of your daily calorie burn comes from.

By increasing NEAT, you shift your metabolism and the activity of your body to burn more calories.

Think about sitting at a desk all day versus getting up every hour and walking 1000 steps. If you repeat the walking for 8 hours, you’ve increased your NEAT by 8000 steps.

For most people, increasing NEAT can be somewhat simple, but, as always, our brains like to resist change or make thing seem more complicated than they are. The most common reason for not increasing NEAT long-term is “I didn’t have time”.

Just like doing squats while brushing your teeth, taking a stroll every hour will not impact your productivity (time vs results is a separate topic, we’ll get there eventually) at work.

A 30 min walk at work can do the same as taking 2-5 minutes several times per day. Even trying for 5min walks 3 times daily adds up.

Every small increase in activity during the day adds up to big changes long-term.

Buttercup loves to walk in the snow

Don’t believe me? Try it!

Challenge yourself to increase your activity by 30 min per day.

Nothing strenuous that gets your heart rate way up, no weight lifting, no strain on your body.

Just take a walk.

Have a beautiful day my friends!

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