New Year, Same You

The New Year often seems like a blank slate, a clean plate, a fresh start.

We make goals, we create resolutions, we steel ourselves to “be better” and “do better”….

And this lasts for 3-4 weeks at most usually.

Then we’re back to the same-old-us.

So what can we DO differently? How do we ever change? What’s “the trick”?

My friends, we’re usually trying to will ourselves or force ourselves to change. And it doesn’t stick (as you may have noticed). Because we have the same thoughts, the same beliefs, and the same foundation. When you move into a new home, you don’t take the old foundation with you, do you?

No! Of course not, that would be silly. Yet, we often overlook that our foundation is the stability and the basis of our home. We want to build on flat, firm ground, not sliding-around, mushy, or otherwise unstable terrain.

Same thing with our brains.

We want to pour a new foundation.

This doesn’t mean we need or want to change everything. We’re like a meal that just needs a few tweaks to go from good to great. We season a little more over here and simmer more over there and voila! We’re a masterpiece.

Yes, I’m talking about cleaning out your old thoughts and beliefs. And you can’t change what you’re not aware of. Our subconscious thoughts run our lives. Until we bring them up to the surface to examine them, see if they are still helping us or if they’re holding us back. Only then can we decide (consciously, with awareness and intention) whether we want to keep them or let them go and embrace new beliefs and ideas.

Consider this New Year as a time to do some cleaning. Bring more awareness to your day-to-day activities. Decide actively if the habits and ideas that you have are leading you and allowing you to live the life you love or if you might benefit from a clean-out.

You can do this on your own easily. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write out all the thoughts you have pertaining to your life. Then look at them. Notice that they’re all thoughts and you get to decide whether you want to allow them to be in your recipe, or if they’re tainting the stew.

Mindset work (also known as thought work) is always easier with help. Set up a time to evaluate with me and we’ll talk about where you are currently, what your goals are and let me show you where you’re stuck (so you can move forward). Knowledge is empowering. Make sure your foundation is firm before you try to build and that all of your seasoning is on point before you present your meal.

It’s time to thrive in 2021. Let’s do this. Happy New Year.

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