Nutrition 101

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates are macro nutrients, also known as the building blocks that make up our food sources.

Processed foods are foods whose chemical structures have been altered to be created.

Whole foods are foods that are in their “natural” form, or how they were made. There is some debate about how our foods are “made” into forms that are easily cooked and digested. In general, however, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and dairy sources that don’t have additives are considered “whole” food sources.

Processed foods are different than whole foods in that respect. Think of an apple versus an apple pie as an example of whole food versus processed food respectively.

Our bodies and brains react differently to whole foods (think fruits, vegetables, a piece of chicken) versus processed foods (even by baking or cooking, we’re altering the properties of some foods) as we eat and digest them.

This is key in our experiences with food.

The amount of processing plays into our brain’s response to food (aka the signals our brain gets as we eat), which in turn affects how we digest and remember our food and how we experience hunger and satisfaction with food.

How much whole food vs processed food are you eating currently?

How does each one make you feel?

Do some foods make you feel more energetic? More satisfied? Do you find yourself “craving” certain foods? Or hungrier sooner after eating others?

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2 thoughts on “Nutrition 101”

  1. I cut out any/all fast food over a year ago and what an amazing difference that change is! I introduced green vegetables into my diet, that I never ate, brocc, spinach, Brussels sprouts etc. that I find I crave as much as I did Taco Bell before. I am not where I need to be but I’m getting there.

    1. That’s fantastic xmassnyde! I love when I want to eat healthier choices because I know that I’ll feel better after too. It’s all about making choices over time. Small changes add up!!

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