Planning Food Ahead… Part 2

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Okay, back to our subject. So now you’ve tracked your meals for a few days. Is a pattern emerging?

Do you have at least one thing you want to work on?

Are you still finding yourself overwhelmed by choices?

What if you eat the “wrong” food for your body type, or your blood type or your body?

Will you explode? No.

Your brain is now overreacting and saying “danger, danger, he/she’s thinking about changing”. Your primitive brain wants to keep you safe… it sees you contemplating a single change and it’s trying to put those breaks on. If you missed that explanation, click here.

Don’t let this confuse or overwhelm you.

Those two emotions feel safe, because then you don’t have to act. You can sit in overwhelm and confusion and keep eating and living the way you are. It’s what you know. It’s where your brain thinks you’re safe.

However, you are an adult.

You can make whatever choice you want.

You can continue on your current path or you can choose to change it.

Even one small step will compound over time.

My cat was intrigued by ROMWOD

In our instant gratification society, it can be hard to watch other people seemingly succeed SO MUCH FASTER than we are. It’s not fair. There’s fear of missing out, there’s fear of making the wrong choice.

What if I let you in a secret? There is no wrong choice.

There are only opportunities to learn what works best for you.

So, find one opportunity this week to practice a new choice, a new skill, a new habit.

Even if it’s that you swap out one soda for a glass of water or walk 5 minutes every morning or adding one small handful’s worth of vegetables to one meal.

You’re learning how to be accountable to yourself. One small step at a time. I promise you, any movement forward is still forward.

Make your plan, track your steps, and execute. Let me know how it’s going!!

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  1. This came a just the right time! I find that logging food choices helps me to not feel bad/guilty or mad at myself . If I eat 2 cookies as a snack, is it bad? No! Could I have made a better choice? Yes! In comparison to 6 cookies, it was a better choice! Yay me!

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