Practice, resistance, and change

What & how you eat now is the result of practice.

If you want to eat differently, it takes practice. Whether that looks like different portions, different foods, different timing of meals – it all involves a change.

Eating out? Not a struggle when you know how to Simply Thrive

Your brain was built to love patterns… and resist change.

Once I knew this, it made my resistance fall away. I understood that there would be some awkwardness and some discomfort with any new habit I tried.

This is especially true for how, when, and why we eat. Unlike other indulgences and addictions, we can’t just stop eating like we would smoking, gambling, or drinking. We require food to live.

The drama is always optional. It comes from your brain resisting change.

I teach how to identify, shift, and implement new habits sequentially to help you stop overeating.
4 simple steps. So simple your brain might even think “it’s not enough”. That’s normal, the brain resists all change.

Once you are aware of your resistance to change, you can start allowing the discomfort.

That is the beauty of awareness, you can’t unsee it.

Practice noticing your resistance today.

Then sign up for Simply Thrive when you’re ready to access the only 4 steps you need to stop overeating for good.

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