Results are the outcomes in your life.

They are the result of your actions.

As a reminder, actions are determined by your emotions which are determined by your thoughts about a circumstance. So ultimately, results are the objective outcome of your thoughts about a circumstance that are based on your emotions and actions.

Whether you feel like you’re choosing the results in your life or you aren’t, you are.

Your results are the direct outcome of your thoughts.

You create your thoughts. You create your results.

Your responsibility of what’s occurring in your life is yours. It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes. Ultimately, our lives are based on our choices. And emotional adulthood is defined by taking responsibility for each of those thoughts, and choices, whether we like them or not.

Simple, but not easy.

With practice, we can learn to create the results we want by changing our thoughts, directing our feelings and accomplishing the actions that bring us to our results.

If we believe we can do something, we can.

If we believe the opposite, we won’t.

I believe I can change and then I do. Awareness of our thoughts is that first step, our outcome is our result.

If you’re not happy with one or more aspects of your life and your weight, you can choose to change.

That choice begins with a thought.

It’s almost magical to have someone by your side guiding you through the process of change.

The secret is that it makes it much easier.

To have support. To have a guide. To have a teacher and a knowledgeable friend at your side.

I know, because it’s worked for me. I have the experience and the knowledge to help in a variety of ways.

I’m not just a physician. Not just a nutritionist. Not just a coach. Not just a wife. Not just a step-mom. I am a person who has taken that journey already.

I had to do the work on my own, but having a coach to teach me, to guide me, to assist me, made it SO MUCH EASIER.

Having an objective friend who will point out when you’re not seeing what your brain wants to hide can be so transformative.

I wish I could teach this to everyone.

What a wonderful world this would be.

The choice, and ultimately the result in your life begins and ends with you.

I’m here whenever you’re ready!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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