Rice cakes, love and champagne

I used to beat myself up mentally every time I overate or found myself slipping back into habits I was trying SO HARD to change (help beautiful sugary dessert).

It was a continuous struggle. I forced it. I fought it. I ate rice cakes for heaven’s sake!! I HATE RICE CAKES!!

My mission felt necessary and noble, yet urgent. And I was a failure every time I failed.

When I finally stopped fighting and loved myself enough to let go, the weight fell off.

Changing habits and caring for myself through the bad days and the hard days felt so much easier.

So much more fun. And simple.

When we have big goals, and we can break them down into smaller, simple steps and choose love vs hate or struggle or shame as our fuel, achieving and continuing to move forward becomes easy.

And faster.

I highly recommend choosing love as your fuel.

As your motivator.

Celebrating NO MORE RICE CAKES with some bubbly.

You deserve all of it. All the love. All the success. All the health.

It’s time to claim yours.

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