Slow Down!

My mind races 100mph, usually from the time I get up in the morning.

I have so many thoughts, ideas, and things I want to do and accomplish. I feel like “there’s not enough time” to do it all.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you know in some ways it can be great (to generate ideas, to motivate you to move, to give yourself pep), but on the other hand, it can be utterly exhausting.

Especially if the underlying drive of go-go-go is motivated by lack and fear and pressure. It doesn’t feel fun.

And here’s a secret: nothing will ever be enough.

The solution is counterintuitive: slow down.

You don’t have to freeze frame, but just take a minute every so often you breathe.

Come back to the moment you’re living right now.

Ground yourself – what can you see, hear, smell, touch, and feel.

Now. Can you feel the enoughness of right now?

You’re not actually missing out. FOMO is a real fear in all of our brains.

No one is actually getting ahead of you.

When we live our lives in our heads, we tend to focus constantly on either the future (which manifests as worry and anxiety) or the past (which leads to sadness, depression and angst).

We forget about the present.

Which is a gift.

If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to slow down, be present, feel your enoughness and accept that you are totally enough RIGHT NOW. This one thing can transform your life- but only if you let it.

I used to only go slow when on wheels

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