Step ONE for weight loss

Where do you struggle with planning?

I wrote out a plan for years. I followed macros for years.

I know that gaining understanding of what foods work best for our bodies (especially if we have health issues that are affected by our diet intake) is super important.

But – I know I resisted planning for years and my ultimate achievement was being able to eat WITHOUT a written plan.

I feel like this is a master ninja skill.

I formulate a basic plan for the week, do my shopping, and then eat.

We do have a written menu in our kitchen for dinners during the week (so it’s easier when myself or hubby ask “what’s for dinner”… we just look and then whoever is home first makes dinner).

I also pretty much eat the same thing for lunch during my work week – which I usually prepare ahead of time on Saturday or Sunday so I can grab and go (and I usually add a piece of fruit).

I always have a backup plan in mind for every situation (which has taken years of trial and error but I know what works best for me).

So – what’s your plan?

And what is your resistance to planning (trust me, some weeks, my brain throws EVERY excuse at me)?

Starting here can help you overcome your own objections (about why you’re a special snowflake, why planning ahead shouldn’t be so hard or isn’t possible or doesn’t work, etc) and see what’s truly holding you back from achieving your goals for your healthy lifestyle.

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