Stop Overeating Today

Today I’m going to get real with you. If you are overweight, you have the key to changing your situation.

Every reason why we overeat is a thought in our heads.

And most of those thoughts aren’t even true.

How ridiculous is that? And yet we continue.

We ignore the circumstances. The facts. We think mean, horrible thoughts. And we eat. Then we guilt ourselves.

We shame, we blame, then we rinse and repeat.

We restrict ourselves, we torture ourselves.

We get on track and then we fall off the wagon. With food. With good habits, with our lives.

This is all b.s. It is a story we are telling ourselves.

We deserve better. We are better. We just do not choose to focus on it. And we all have our reasons why our health is not our priority.

How do you want to feel about eating?

How do you want to feel about your life?

What do you want to do differently?

What is stopping you?

Why are you not making a food plan and sticking with it?

The answer lies between your ears

Want to learn how to change your eating and change your relationship with food? It really is as easy as changing your thoughts. Contact me to get started and change your life.



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